Started by parents with focus on learning experience

We hope to create a conducive and enjoyable learning experience where both kids and adult can learn and have fun.

To allow each student to have the time to explore and learn, not just focus on the end product.

Constantly introduce new elements for kids to explore and make learning interesting

Progressive learning programmes designed for kids of different ages to adults

Focus on creating the best learning experience for our students

01. Experience

Taught by a team of experienced teachers who are art schools' students/graduates, ex-school teachers and practicing artists.

02. Focus on Process

We focus on learning experience and the process of creating art, not just the end product. All our Level 2, 3 and 4 art classes students are issued with sketch books for them to practice and explore.

03. Environment

Fortunate to be surrounded by lush greenery in Dairy Farm Estate, we are able to incorporate outdoor learning into part of our lessons.

04. Confident

We encourage our students to work independently and take pride in their own work nurturing them into confident learners.

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